Saturday, April 11, 2009

Time to get this things moving again

So how does everyone like the new background and header? I am not sure what I was thinking with the last one. I looked at it the other day and though egads, that looks horrific. I think perhaps I was wanting something springy, but that looked like it sprang up from the 80's.

So a new question. If you were stuck on an uncharted island, what or who would you take with you. You are limited to 3 items or people. My family will be posting their comments by tomorrow. Just a fun curious question.


Dave said... about a 150' luxury yacht with enough fuel and food to get back to the United States from any point in the world? That one item should do for now but I'll let you know if I want anything else. :)

Mark & Lorri said...

What a cheater. You are the same kind of person that chooses 3 more wishes when given one wish.
Cheater, Cheater, chicken eater!

Dave said...

Ok, I'll settle for one of those "Rambo" knives with the compass in the handle instead. :)

Steff said...

I would like to take a magic genie lamp. The end.

Dave said...

Steff's 3 wishes.
Wish 1 - A glass of water.
Wish 2 - Dinner from Teppanyaki.
Wish 3 - Dessert from Teppanyaki.

Dave said...

The End. :)