Monday, July 21, 2008


This could be entertaining?

Friday, July 11, 2008

This is compliments of Courtney. And the beauty of it is, you guys are all the way in Idaho and there is nothing you can do about it ah hah hah ha!

Edit: the piece of paper says "least favorites" in case your eyes are all wrinkled around the edges like mine and hinders your eyesight.

Yea! Uncle Jerry and Counsin Christopher Visit

How much fun did we have. Uncle Jerry and our Cousin Christopher, which obviously one of Jerry's sons, came to visit. They were stopping through to pick up some more family members on their way up to the airshow, a tradition I have been informed.

Don't Uncle Jerry and our Dad look a lot a like. They are both funny, something that runs in the family, except the rest of us just think we are funny or laugh hysterically at absurdly stupid things. But we are amused, so who cares.

The evening began with a yummy dinner Grandma fixed. She did the oven baked boneless ribs, "Lion House" rolls that she got from this site, which were divine. We also had baked potatoes, salad and watermelon. Thanks Grandma for some good cookin'.

We were sitting around the kitchen bar when every flashlight that never worked and was now tucked away in a no-man's land cupboard were brought out to find out if there was a possibility that any of them would ever work again. And the game was on, who could fix what flashlight the fastest.

Here is Grandma's "Mad" face when she discovered that some of her batteries that were in her storage expired in 2001 and maybe that was why some of the flashlights weren't working.

Here is Rachael with a bright idea! We aren't sure what it was but as you can
see by the light above her head, it was obviously a charged battery and working flashlight kind of great idea!

It was a fun impromtu evening with a much laughter and teasing. Now if we could only get some of those other pesky relatives to visit!

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Shark Fest

Here are some of the pictures we took of Shark Fest. We sure did have a lot of fun.