Friday, January 16, 2009

Who's in for Sharkfest 2010

Mom says I need to get on our blog and make a fool of myself like everyone else -here goes. I am in for Sharkfest 2010, I have a longer 2nd toe and it doesn't bother me a bit, and I am the old man of the family at 44 (except for DAD of course.) I am not as strong as Brian, nice as Dave, well presented as Wendi, witty as Lorri, or as funny as Steff, -I am OK with it though because I fly jets. My meager attempts at scheduling a midlife crisis have mostly failed -my little red biplane is my last hold out. I have most recently noticed a propensity to increase in volume around my mid section and have therefore rescheduled my midlife crisis event 2002 -the conditioning for and ascent of Mt Rainier. I am planning on swimming Sharkfest 2010 as next years continuation of the battle of the bulge. I can't think of anything else to say right now as I am wearing my purple bracelet. It's OK though as I have rambled on sufficiently to feel foolish enough to be apart of the family -I'll switch my bracelet!



Erikson Family said...

You are funny. I am inspired to get back on the blog bandwagon, thanks for the much needed push. As for sharkfest, I am still an unofficial maybe (:

Dave said...

Good post. I would describe one of your many roles in the family as something like the "Execute" button on the FMS (or maybe even better, the pusher of that button). Everybody likes to monkey around with the flight plan in the FMS but ultimately someone has to hit the "Execute" button. Thanks for your planning and execution. (Hmmm, for some reason that didn't come out right).

Regarding Sharkfest, put me down as a strong probably. Wendi, would you happen to have a good, sturdy pair of goggles I could borrow? :) (I know, bad joke.)

Mark & Lorri said...

I won't be using mine Dave, so you can borrow them :)
That isn't a funny joke, just the truth **sniff**

Dave said...
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