Sunday, June 21, 2009

Who is this....

So I was asked to scan some pictures for the family reunion and thought we should do a who/what is this? Wendi can't play because she has the pictures and put them together on a posterboard.

Picture #1 - who are the two people in the middle and which one of the kids is our relative (what is his/her name?) . Which person bet Tracey that he couldn't eat a whole raw egg, then after Tracey did so, he told Tracey he needed to eat the shell too?

Picture #2 - Whose house is this? Is there a name it was called? Name one memory you have had here.

Picture #3 - Who are these two people and how are we related? Also, does Tracey, Brian or David look more like this gentleman?

Picture #4 - Without cheating and reading the small print, whose horse is being shoed here. Also who is doing the shoeing?